Musharraf resigns

In true Nixsonian style Musharraf resigns. Per the NYT:

Facing the threat of impeachment, President Pervez Musharraf announced that he would resign, saying the charges against him were false but that he would step down for the sake of his nation.

Why in the blue hell won’t our congress critters do this? Jesus Christ it isn’t rocket science folks. This bag o shit has been in office for nine friggin years. Here is Musharraf’s money quote:

“Unfortunately, there are some people who have self-interest, and they are putting their interests above those of the country,” he said. “Some people are trying to blame, me and they are making false accusations against me.”

Isn’t that rich? If there isn’t any evidence, why in the blue hell is this fuckwit resigning? Ah, but wait… gets better:

At the core of the talks has been Mr. Musharraf’s demand that he be immune from prosecution if he resigns before the impeachment proceedings begin.

The negotiations were bogged down over the legal technicalities of when immunity would be granted, according to a senior coalition official. The coalition was reluctant to grant immunity before Mr. Musharraf left office, because of fears that once he had won immunity he would not depart, said the official, who declined to be identified because of the delicacy of the talks.

Technical difficulties? Like when a tv channel goes out? Sigh…if only it was happening right here, right now m’dear reader….if only.

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